30 August, 2016
30 August, 2016

Some of our customers are foreigners or non-residents of Palma so it is difficult to get the maximum transmit information in a zone or area in a few visits or interviews. So in INTIAA, we decided to develop our different blog that show the uniqueness of each neighborhood or historic area booming.

We understand that the great expectation that is generating and the many purchases generated by the foreign market, the neighborhood SANTA CATALINA, it can be a good first touchstone. This was an old fishing neighborhood, west of the center of Palma, just across the avenue of Argentina on the promenade. It was the first urbanized area outside the walls of the museum it is Baluard and important industrial activity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Currently living residents who have lived all their lives in the area with foreign, mostly Nordic, who have succumbed to the charms of this fabulous and cozy neighborhood. Santa Catalina is now a mestizo neighborhood, modernist facades, small gardens and courtyards, and where the Mallorcan tradition meets the European vanguard. It is the typical worker neighborhood that has become fashionable for its charm and simplicity. It attracts more and more foreigners and young Mallorcan, who are becoming a gastronomic, cultural and artistic reference of Palma.

Without any doubt, every great neighborhood has its nerve center that serves as a meeting place or epicenter that generates all the attention for its residents. Here is the Santa Catalina market.

Santa Catalina Market, the oldest food of all Palma, built in 1920. Never missing movement in the neighborhood, but the market is undoubtedly the core of bustle from morning to night. This market is a benchmark in Palma, for its fresh local produce and seasonal, fishmongers, delicatessens, with sobrasada as flagship product, fruit, wine shops, florists and delicatessen products.

The market is surrounded by a wide range of products and services, shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. He is currently neighborhood is in full vanguard, with its art galleries, designer shops and crafts in every street.

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The cuisine is innumerable quantity and quality of these references being one of the best known but not the only ones. There are ecological or veggie burger; vegan ice cream parlors and chocolatiers, organic. Factory Street, it is pedestrian and is full of multicultural restaurants and along with Calle Industria has mills, manufacturing vestige of the neighborhood and now home to fast food chains such as Pizza Hut.

As multicultural restaurants can try and enjoy Bindi, and Indian food; Sumaq Peru or Nuru, fusion style and everyone speaks. If you like sushi, go to Arume without fail, and classic Italian food have the Bunker’s and A Casa Mia.

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To end a great day, Avenida de Argentina or Street Sant Magí are good places to start, or end, one night Santa Catalina tasting and dancing in different places that offers the neighborhood, such as the Soho Bar, a local retro diner in the sixties; the multicultural Havanna; Exit, live rock music, or the elegant cocktail bar Lab are different options as you prefer.

In INTIAA, we want to offer much more than a simple commercial transaction, we would be great hosts to our city and what better way to explain it to meet all of our non-resident customers .. as you observe Santa Catalina blends simplicity of a people with the spirit and joy of art that catches you. It is a must on any visit to Palma.


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