José Luis Alzaga.
Real Estate Consultant

Business Studies Certificate from the University of Burgos

CRS designation by the NAR (highest American designation for a real estate agent).

Master in Value Investing and Cycle Economics at the Centro Superior de Inversión OMMA, Madrid.

Professional experience in the real estate sector since 2013.

Luciano Carrascosa

Degree in Technical Architecture from the University of Girona.

CRS designation by the NAR (highest American designation for a real estate agent).

Postgraduate degree in Urban Planning Law at the University of the Balearic Islands.

Master’s Degree in Management of Development and Construction Companies at the CEU San Pablo in Madrid.

Building Engineering at the UIB.

Do you want to sell your house?

If you want to put your property up for sale, we can help you. We listen to you in order to meet the terms and requirements you need. We are with you throughout the sale process, looking after your interests and taking care of your assets. Market, tax and documentary advice. Free valuation of your property, using our extensive experience in the market and the best technical valuation tools available. We provide you with all the necessary means to promote and publicise your property and make it stand out from the competition, and we watch over your privacy with a demanding filter of buyer clients to avoid unnecessary visits to your home.

Do you want to buy a house?

We are experts in the area, we know properties that are not on the open market and you will be able to access them. If you value knowledge and your time we can be of great service to you. Don’t just buy with your heart, but also with your head and in these times it requires skill, information and intelligence to take advantage of the exceptional circumstances we are living in. We will accompany you through the whole process up to the day of the tax settlement, not just the notary’s office, but far beyond.

Our commitment is focused on your satisfaction.



  • José Luis and Luciano complement each other perfectly, each in their own speciality they guarantee the sale and any problems that may arise, they solve them as soon as possible, which gives you peace of mind. They are also in constant contact with you, informing you of how your sale is evolving, which allows you to see in real time how the market is doing. I started with them as a client and now we are friends. They are great professionals.
    Vicente Bastante Vivas
  • When you have in mind a financial operation of buying, selling or renting, but you need advice, José Luis is able to make you understand everything you need to know with just 20 minutes of his powerful master classes. And that.... is priceless!
    Jorge Suarez
  • Sincere, honest and super-professional agents, by far the best of all those we tried. When we followed their advice, we managed to sell a property in a month. Highly recommended, José Luis and Luciano. Thank you very much!
    Miguel y Esperanza Díaz Font
  • José Luis and Luciano are so involved in the transactions that they become friends. They handled the sale of our house with extraordinary professionalism, making every effort to our satisfaction. We no longer live in Palma but I felt that they were selling what had been our home as if the house was theirs.
    Manel Mangado
  • We are very happy with their services. We had a property that was difficult to sell because it was already old and needed a good renovation, but Luciano and José Luis prepared some renderings so that potential buyers could see what the flat would look like once it had been renovated. Without this option I don't think we would have been able to sell it! They also helped us with all the paperwork and paperwork. For any other property management we may need in the future, we will count on them again!
    Antonia Ladaria




Analysis of taxation, town planning and administrative documentation of real estate assets for sale.


We help you to set a price for your property.


40 partner agencies working for you.


More than 20 years working in the Balearic real estate market.


Financial study with different banks for buyers.


We increase the chances of selling your property, using all the specific marketing actions to differentiate you.
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The current situation we are going through is very delicate, both in terms of health and economics. Now more than ever, you should surround yourself with professionals who will look after your assets and explain the current situation so that you can decide freely but properly advised.

The focus of our work is to deal with our clients and their maximum well-being. The current reality is hard and harsh, so the best way to be useful to all of them is to be sincere and honest so that each owner can make their decision with as much information as possible.

We have different real estate qualifications, some of the most prestigious such as CRS, but at this time the important thing is that we are useful and can help all clients who really need us.

If you are afraid of becoming unemployed, if uncertainty worries you and you want us to solve your doubts regarding your home or assets...

CALL US!!! Our services are free!!!