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Our main customers already know that one of the strengths of INTIAA that is generating value in each of the actions we undertake. In INTIAA, we serve as project managers and comprehensive reforms, we believe that any reform must be done intelligently. One of our horses continuous battle is to provide as much space as a reformed housing, struggling to avoid dead spots or voids.

Many customers always have our eternal dilemma of whether to carry out a reform in the home in order to save space or permanently folded sails and move out of your home. It is very difficult to give a general solution, since each case and each house will allow us to obtain a different result. Still, we want to help you with some tips and try to get some more space in your home, working as housing units.



In the bathroom

Bathrooms are generally small but have a very specific weight in the overall assessment of housing spaces. A very common action to gain space is to change the tub for a shower. We must not forget the energy and water savings offered by the latter regarding bathtubs.

In INTIAA, please create spaces with natural light, so if possible get an outside window in the bathroom should be done without question.

In cases more difficult to act like very tight spaces, the impossibility of natural light, you will have to use clear and noble tiles on a basis of clear and neutral colored walls and ceilings. With these actions we will achieve increase the feeling of comfort.



In the kitchen

The kitchen is another sacred space of the housing and generating a lot of attention on the guests or prospective buyers of our house. On the day, we debated every day with our customers to make them understand that it is not only a place of great storage but can become the jewel of the house for many years. So we understand that we must not neglect the design and quality of it. In INTIAA, we always work with German-made kitchens, for their hardware, quality and design. Despite what it may seem, the price is very competitive kitchens and in 90% of cases, our customers are opting for them.

One option for more space in the kitchen is to throw some Annex partition is not useful and try to get open spaces, whenever a kitchen with good ventilation is taken. Provide indirect lighting, an effect of high design and has a very high cost.


In the classroom

The lounge represents the personality of the house, so it would be advisable to ensure that had proportions that were consistent with their function. The lounge is also a room for socializing with guests, which is why so space is fundamental. In the case of a reform, we can use to study with professional options we have to enlarge the space, either by pulling or gathering partitions stays as the living room with the dining room.

To perform this type of work and designs is very important that you contact a professional, since it is a job that must be qualified and prepared. In INTIAA, we have our team of architects and technicians to help you throughout your adventure. Can you bring yourself to improve your home?


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